Our Position on Racial Inequality

Since 1976, OBAP has been committed to the advancement of minorities in aviation and aerospace careers.

Today, we draw on the strength of our founders to harness our collective power, influence, and the voice of our membership to champion changes that will benefit our industry, our communities, and this nation.

We mourn with you, for the senseless loss of lives, and stand boldly to ensure that justice is served and equity comes through legitimate and transformative change.

As an organization, we will:

  1. Advocate for the presence and power of Black people and other underrepresented groups in leadership roles within our industry.
  2. Speak, act, and VOTE against systemic racism in our personal and professional spheres of influence.
  3. Offer our professional and financial resources to organizations on the frontlines of ending structural racism in America.

We commit to continue to advocate for and advance the cause of Black people and underrepresented groups in spaces where our voices are not typically heard.

We encourage you to stand as well, in your spaces of influence, to speak up against racism, implicit or overt, to advocate for people who are unable to advocate for themselves.

In the days, weeks, and months ahead, we are committed to leading — in word and in action, against racism, and to champion equality for all.

Join us as we fulfill our founder’s dreams for human dignity and racial justice!

In solidarity,

Vanessa Blacknail-Jamison, OBAP Board Chair
Randall Rochon, OBAP Board Vice-Chair

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