Corey Shepard

OBAP Board of Directors
Governance Chair

United Airlines - Captain

OBAP Member since 2000

Corey Shepard

OBAP Board of Directors - Secretary

OBAP Board of Directors - Governance Chair

United Airlines - Captain

OBAP Member Since 2000

Since joining OBAP in 2000, Corey Shepard has volunteered ACE camps in Houston and has served on the Continental 737 type rating scholarship committee.  Additionally he has been an avid supporter and volunteer in the annual Airline Pilots in Schools (APIS) program. Outside of the organization, I have volunteered as a flight instructor with Black Pilots of America during their Summer Flight Academy in Houston.  Shepard has also volunteered as an instructor and mentor with the Raiders Tigers Flying Club, which aims to expose inner city youth in the Houston area to aviation careers. Most recently Shepard formed the Aviation Advisory Committee with the purpose of providing consultation, student scholarships, and guidance to local schools and colleges who are developing flight programs in Houston and surrounding areas.

Currently, Shepard is employed with United Airlines as a 737 Captain based in San Francisco.  He is also a member of the Pilot Recruitment Team where he serves as a pilot interviewer in Denver.  He has used his employment with United to work the company booth at OBAP conventions and provide an ethnic face and empathetic perspective for OBAP convention attendees seeking employment, as well as students who are looking to network with professionals who look like them at an early age.  Shepard stands on the strong foundation laid by OBAP’s founders and hopes to build upon that foundation to take the organization to a higher level.

Updated: 20191119

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