Mission / Purpose


To introduce youth to various career pathways and opportunities within the Aerospace Field.


Inspire youth to seek careers in Aerospace/AviaBon Industry.


Introduce youth to Science, Technology, Engineering
mathematics (STEM) based careers in the Aerospace Industry.

Meet the Team


Torette Williams

APIS Director

Linda Wackerman

APIS Director
American Airlines - Captain
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Maurice Ellis

APIS Regional Liaison
United Airlines - First Officer

Khareif Williams

Northeast Regional Liaision
Student Pilot

How to Volunteer

There are two easy ways to volunteer to speak at a school or community organization event. They are described in Scenario A and B.

Scenario A

Volunteering for a school visit is easy. Each month OBAP receives school visit requests via the OBAP website from schools and community organizations. After the visit request is received the Aerospace Professionals In Schools Program Director or regional coordinators will then search for an OBAP member who is willing to volunteer for the request. Typically this search is conducted by sending out an email blast (eBlast) with the requested time frame for the school visit, along with the school visit information. Please check your email for available volunteer opportunities. If interested in volunteering, members may respond by sending an email to apis@obap.org.

Scenario B

We also realize that many of our members may have a close friend or acquaintance who happens to be an educator. If this is the case, we ask that you reach out to the educator or liaison to coordinate a visit. It is advised that members provide a copy of the Educators’ Letter which gives an overview of the Aerospace Professionals In Schools Program. The Educators’ letter is on the OBAP Website or may be requested from the Program Director by sending an email to apis@obap.org.

APIS Event Setup

There are two ways that an APIS event is setup. They are described in Scenario A and B.

Scenario A

Request Via OBAP Website

  1. School/Community OrganizaBon Submits Request For APIS Volunteer via OBAP Website.
  2. APIS Program Director Contacts School/Community Organization.
  3. Eblast Email Compiled and Sent to OBAP Members.
  4. OBAP Member(s) Respond to Volunteer Request.
  5. Program Director/Regional Coordinator places OBAP Member(s) In Contact With School/Community OrganizaBon.
  6. OBAP Member(s) Conduct School Visit.
  7. OBAP Member(s) Submit After Action Report Via OBAP Website.

Link to After Action Report

Scenario B

OBAP Member Contacts School/Community/OrganizaBon

  1. OBAP Member(s) Contacts School, or Community Organization of Choice.
  2. OBAP Member(s) Downloads and Provides Educators’ Letter to School or Community Organization.
  3. OBAP Member(s) Visit School/Community OrganizaBon.
  4. OBAP Member Submits AXer AcBon Report via OBAP Website.

Link to After Action Report

What To Talk About During Your Visit

  • Tell a little about yourself. Mention where you are from (The students are from diverse backgrounds and like to connect with presenters in some way)
  • What kind of student were you? Were you a bookworm, mischievous, did you enjoy school? Whatever you say to try to put a positive spin into the speech
  • Tie in character traits (one or two), so that they see the connection between making good choices, and achieving success in life
  • Stress the importance of coming to school each day. To be educated, have a degree. Link attendance with academy success.
  • Include something about the importance of never giving up, regardless of how difficult things might appear to be…PERSEVERANCE
  • Share what it takes to be a success at whatever you do.
  • Mention the fact that we are all different individuals with different likes and dislikes, and the importance of choosing careers that they have an interest in, a passion for maybe.
  • Your Career-How did you become interested, your path to your current job, how others can achieve similar career goals.
  • Your Lifestyle-What is your work schedule like, what are some of the perks and benefits of the job.
  • Pictures and Models Everyone loves pictures. If you have a photo of you on the job this can be a very meaningful presentation tool. Models are also very popular among students.
  • STEM-How your job incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).


Honesty – Integrity – Respect – Compassion – Responsibility – Perseverance – Determination – Confidence – Patience – Kindness – Courage – Gratitude – Leadership – Encouragement – Mindfulness

Speakers be Prepared to answered basic questions from students such as

  • What is your typical day like?
  • What kind of subjects helped you get ready for this career?
  • What level of education is required for your job?
  • What made you decide on this career choice?
  • Did you always want to be a…?
  • What should I know about your job?
  • What Character Traits are most important for your profession?

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