Our Position on Racial Inequality

New York, New York - November 12, 2016: Protester carrying a "Black Lives Matter" sign while marching in a "Trump is not my President" rally in response to the 2016 Presidential Election of Donald Trump in New York City in 2016.

Today, we draw on the strength of our founders to harness our collective power, influence, and the voice of our membership to champion changes that will benefit our industry, our communities, and this nation.

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McGee, Lanphier Recognized During State of the Union Address

Iain Lanphier, the Scottsdale, Arizona 8th-grader who attended the State of the Union Address Tuesday night, got a standing ovation as Trump introduced him. Iain has already distinguished himself after attending the 2019 Phoenix Aerospace Career Education (ACE) program, sponsored by the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals. But he also comes from a distinguished line…

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