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Aerospace Professionals in School (APIS) introduces youth to the limitless opportunities available through careers in aerospace and aviation beginning at an early age.

APIS curriculum will pique the interest of children, through elementary science clubs and career days, in-depth exposure through career fairs, community events, mentorship programs, and collegiate preparedness events.

This year, APIS goes virtual to continue providing this valuable outreach to students no matter where they may be learning. We invite you and your students to be a part of this exciting week of virtual events to learn more about the opportunities available in aerospace.

APIS prepares aspiring aerospace professionals for fruitful careers. Since 1992, the program has reached over 500,000 people, many of whom hold positions as commercial pilots, aircraft maintenance and flight dispatchers, business managers, and more. 

OBAP furthers its investment in school systems nationwide through strategic partnerships with carriers and corporate entities. In 2013, Wooddale High School in Memphis was outfitted with a National Flight Academy (NFA) Aviation Classroom Experience through contributions from OBAP, TEQGames, and FedEx Express. In early 2015, OBAP and FedEx Express again partnered to donate a Boeing 727 engine to Ben C. Rain High School’s Aviation and Aerospace Academy in Mobile, Alabama.

These established aviation-related facilities and motivated faculty at each school help to further OBAP’s commitment to exposing promising students to opportunities in aerospace.

Virtual Aerospace Professionals in Schools Week

Virtual APIS Week is a unique way for students of all ages to learn more about the wide array of opportunities in aerospace. During each session, OBAP volunteers representing varying careers in aerospace will educate and inspire the next generation of aerospace professionals followed by an opportunity for questions and answers.

Sign up your student, or register your entire class by selecting one of the many available daily sessions.

Event Schedule

To provide as many opportunities as possible for students to participate, we will host three daily sessions. Each session will include personal career stories from several aerospace professionals, as well as an opportunity for questions and answers. Please select the session that best aligns with your student's schedule. Each session has a maximum registration of 1000 guests, so registration will be first-come, first-served.

One-hour sessions will be hosted every day during APIS Week on the following schedule:

Session 1: 10:30 - 11:30a EST
Session 2: 12 - 1 PM EST
Session 3: 1:30 - 2:30 PM EST

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United Airlines - First Officer
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